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Esther speaking with a conservation staff of the park

As part of her MILEAD summer institute, Esther Eshiet, CEO Verge Development Solutions embarked on a learning visit to some of Ghana’s tourist attractions. The visit which was aimed at exploring the  tourist potentials the Ghana, identify best practices for domestication , as well as harness networking opportunities commenced at 6.00a.m. with fellows awaken by the bangs on their doors .

On the Canopy walkway(Photo:Nancy Beshay)

After two hours of drive on the highways we arrived at the Kakum National Park, where we saw biodiversity in its raw form, the forest was think and green with an amazing Canopy Walkway with a dizzying height of 350metre above the forest.Some fellows requested to write their wills before getting on the walkway,but at the end of it was a rewarding dare!

The next point of call was the Cape Coast Castle,the sound of the castle got us expectant of a Cinderella’s fairy tale,but on arrival, we came  face to face with the horrors of  Slave Trade and colonialism. The appalling experience at the castle made us feel the pains of our ancestor’s right under our skins as goose bumps gripped all the tourists as we walked through the dungeons.

The Door of No Return

One striking feature of the Cape Coast castle  was the door of no return, passage trough which our ancestors were forcefully taken out and never allowed to return,some made it to the slave master’s country while others meet their death on the Atlantic.

The nerve racking experience at the Cape Coast  Castle was still gripping as fellows needed to unwind and wash off all the hate that boiled at the castle,this lead us to visit the Anomabo Beach Resort, where we were welcomed at touch down by the sandy nature of the soil, walking towards the beach we sighted the rolling waves and the crystal blue sky.

Anomabo Beach (Photo:Nancy Beshay)

We were swept off our feet by the perfect waves, it cleared all our stress and set us in the mood for the mouth watering meals  served by the Anomabo Kitchen after which we played some amateur beach soccer.

One of the outstanding lessons learnt from this trip is the culture of maintenance which is facilitated  through public private partnership,it sure works in Ghana and why not in Nigeria?

  1. Mawuli says:

    Don’t forget to direct all your Calabar tourist to Ghana.
    On a more serious note, this is a great idea. We are the only ones who can promote our commons and if we don’t, no one will do it for us. It is my hope that, soon, we’ll enjoy more intra African tourist experiences. Thanks for your leadership Esther.

  2. @Mawuli,thanks for your kind words, i really believe in the Intra African tourist experience, that’s why at Verge we are implementing the Naija Beckons project we are commencing with Calabar.

  3. Esther, did u visit d Prison in Kokofu? I learnt its one of d oldest prisons in africa. i saw d place during my last visit to Ghana. Its situated in Kokofu village (30mins from Kumasi) along Bekwai road.
    You also didnt tell us if u savoured some delicious ghana delicacies – dekunu and all dat. There’s this one i like but cant remember d name: its ripe plantain mashed with fufu. Food is another way of expressing our culture.

  4. yomi jibowu says:

    Pls can u give me & my family
    A xmas tour in Ghana? What’s
    the cost from from Lagos, Nigeria?
    Me & my wife, a 4yr old & a 7month old baby.

  5. @Yomi,

    Thanks for contacting,but at the moment we do not operate tour packages in Ghana yet,but we can link you up with other tour agencies we have relationships with.

    Check your e-mail for details!

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