Carnival Calabar:What’s your band?

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The Calabar  Carnival is a spectacular splendor to behold,ranging from  the colours, costumes and dexterity in choreography skills  of different  bands add up to justify the uniqueness of this great tourism innovation  coming from Cross River State. The challenge is not deciding to join a band, but the difficulty becomes the question of choice.  if you are you still indifferent about joining a band or haven’t made that choice yet, read on and get a clue!

Bayside Band

Bayside Band Senior Queen

The Bayside band is one of the five competing bands that features yearly at the Carnival Calabar. Identified by it’s distinctive aqua marine colour, baysiders believe; the sky is blue, the ocean is blue that’s why we are blue”. The band membership is open to all Nigerians and foreigners, with three categories of membership which includes full, Honorary and Junior membership. Bayside band was the winner of the 2007 edition of Carnival Calabar and is led by His Excellency, Donald Duke, Former Governor of Cross River State.

Bayside Band leader and Wife, H.E Donald and Onari Duke

Bayside Band Princess

Master Blaster Band

Master Blaster Band Senior Queen

The Master Blaster band is a socially vibrant band and among one of the biggest bands in the state, it prides itself as comprising the hip, bold and beautiful. The band which has 20 troupes with sectional leaders is identified by its vibrant ORANGE colour. The band is working towards winning the first place at this year’s carnival and is actively mobilizing members from all over the world to accomplish this. The master Blaster band is led by Mr Gershom Bassey and Sen. Liyel Imoke, the governor of Cross River State.

Wife of the M.B Band leader H.E Obioma Liyel Imoke (M)

Master blastans digging it out!

Seagulls Band

Nollyhood Actress Lilian Bach "playing" Seagulls Senior Queen

The seagulls band a.k a. The “Celebrity band” is a cynosure of the eyes at the carnival because it features Nollywood stars, as its honorary members. With its traditional RED colour, the band express beauty with a large participation of nollywood stars like Rita Dominic,Patience Ozokwu( Mama G ),Ramsey Noah and others. Membership of the band is open to all people of colour who are ready  to ” paint the town red”  and its led by a woman of passion: in the person of Senator Florence Ita-Giwa. The Seagulls Band for the first time had a tie with the Passion 4 band to win the 1st prize of the 2009 edition of the Carnival.

Sagulls band Leader, Sen. Florence Ita- Giwa with Nollywood's "Mama G"

Seagulls peeps painting the town "RED"

Freedom band

Freedom Band Senior King "Stepping out"

Distinguished by its vibrant yellow colour, the freedom band emerged based on our history of negritude which connotes “black emancipation” .It prides itself as a band “that owns the sun” without which the world would not be habitable! With a section of 10 troupes, the creativity of the freedom is always a spectacle to behold as its colour is manipulated to create a rainbow out of other colours. The freedom is led by Capt. Henry Brisibe.

Freedom babes live in Calabar!

Freedom band's Afro Troupe










Passion 4 Band

Arival of Passion4 1st Crew!

With a significantly large youth population, passion 4 has distinguished itself as the “band with a record” winning the prize of the Carnival in the year 2005,2006, 2008 and in 2009,it won first place in a tie with the Seagulls band.  The band with the highest number of medals. Led by Mr. Chris Agibe,the passion 4 band is one of the most energetic bands in the Calabar Carnival, a.k.a the “Agbani” band, P4 is one of the most competitive bands in terms of membership; with an extremely selective process, members are chosen based on body build characteristics!

All hail the "Miss" Passion4 Troupe!

Passion 4 Calisthenics Troupe









Non competition bands that feature at the carnival include: the Police band, the Army Band, Lions club band, Reach Out (love world) band, Civil Defsense band, First bank Band,  with last year’s inductees, the Apache Aliens and the Diaspora Band

  1. Bassey Archibong says:

    My respect to CalabarBeckons lovely job done here! My little observation is on the Passion 4 band, contrary to popular opinion, members are not selected based on physical attributes but character. We carefully identify were everybody belongs & include you in that section accordingly, carnival is for all. Come join us this year as we rock d party! Join the champions Carnival Calabar 2005, 2006, 2008 & 2009!!!!

  2. catherine Eriom says:

    this is a wonderful collection of all the bands and i am useing this medium to invite members of the public to join the apache aliens.with a lovely combination of purple and pink.this year its gonno be among the competitives band. Hurry now dont miss out the FUN.

  3. calabarbeckons says:

    @Bassey,thanks! We appreciate the orgnisational skills in P4.The write up above is not degoratory at all,but thanks for clarifying!

  4. Danny says:

    Great Job! How can i register with a band?

  5. calabarbeckons says:

    @Danny,its easy to join a band,just make a choice from the above and give Verge a call,we would take care of the rest!

  6. PAMELA says:


  7. sarah eno obongha says:

    carnival!!! a day of so much joy and sorrow.

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