Calabar Festival: Week three in review

Posted: December 27, 2010 by CalabarBeckons in Uncategorized

Naeto C @ Calabar Rocks show!

Marked of the busiet week of the Festival, the 3rd week began with the Children’s Carnvial dry run on Monday, where over  5,000 kids(thanks to holidays) stormed the Calabar Botanical Garden for their “day”. The night of the children’s dry run had a star studded performance from Sasha, who unleashed her fresh MAMA award fire on the people of Calabar, this sister raps my heart out! Naeto C, J Martins, Sauce Kid, and YQ in their unique performance got the crowd glued to the dance floor!

The adult carnival dry run finale,  took place in this same week with the bands dotting there is and crossing their Ts as they prepare to show host the world,

Other musical sows were the Evergreens night with Victor Uwaifo, King Feladey, Bongos Ikwue, taking the crowd down the memory lane of high life music. The music fusion night featured Duncan Mighty who set the crowd on fire with his “Port Harcourt Boy” Flavor, Najoe Baba. The most spectacular of all was the Jazz night that featured GT- Guitarman, Yemi Sax stringing the weekend to end!

Sasha @ Calabar Rocks show!

J-Martins in U. J Esuene Stadium

Bayside babes at the dry run


Photo Credit:CFW


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