Carnival Calabar 2010:The colours, the dance, the fun!

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Passion 4 Princess!

After a rigorous year-long planning, the city of Calabar was overpopulated with spectators and tourists who came from different parts of Nigeria and the globe to Africa’s Carnival Capital for the 2010 version of the Carnival Calabar-Africa’s biggest street party!

Bayside Band Truck-the Lion King!

The event which was billed to commence at witnessed spectators trooping in their numbers at 10.00 a.m. to secure a good view point at the carnival route. The five competing bands were tasked with interpreting the 2010 Carnival theme which was “Our Strength and Resilience; the bedrock of our future” through their costumes, choreography and truck decorations.

Senior Kng bayside Band

Senoir Queen Bayside Band

Bayside Band Mineral troupe

Bayside band members

The procession commenced later in the evening with the Bayside Band blazing the trail. Led by Mr John Odey, the band transcribed the festival theme using the Lion as a symbol of strength and resilience through their truck and the King and Queen dressed in costumes symbolizing same. Flaunting their aqua marine colour, members of the band displayed dexterity in their dance skills.

Seagulls Band Senior Queen

Next on the train was the Segulls band with their flamboyant red colour. Led by Sen. Florence Ita- Giwa, the band was able to interpret the Carnival theme using the role of the mother and father as foundations upon which a family is built. It reiterated the gender roles placed on the mother, by decorating the queen’s costume with fruits and other food stuffs, featuring an interesting blend of a traditional mum and a career woman, the queen was stuffed with currencies of different nations connecting the capacities of women as entrepreneurs. The King of Seagulls band was dressed as a fisherman, reminding all of the reverine nature of the state and the physical strength a man possesses and as well his harvesting power as a bread winner of the family.

Senoir King, Seagulls band

Arms of government troupe-Seagulls Band

Seagulls Band leader Sen. Florence Ita Giwa

Passion 4 Band Truck

Passion 4 Senior Queen

Senior King Passion 4 Band

The three time consecutive winner of the Carnival, the Passion 4 band flaunted their green colour at the event, pointing to all the agrarian nature of the state. Their interpretation of the carnival theme was using the family as a bedrock of strength and resilience to all persons, from childhood to adulthood.
Decorating the King’s costume had the one with the firm hand to protect the family members and as well chastise children. The Queen was dressed in a motherly nature with pestle and mortars reiterating the gender role of the woman as the one that feeds the family and a care giver to all and sundry.

The next band on display was the Freedom band who took to display their transcription of the carnival theme using the Eagle as an animal with invaluable strength. The Senior King of the band was depicted as an eagle which is classified as on one of the strongest of birds and the king of the sky. The Queen was dressed as a bearer of love, the motherly love depicting her as the care giver in the home, upon which the husband and children depend on for the survival of the family.

After the freedom band came the Master Blaster band who preferred to identify with Nigeria’s diversity as a bedrock for the country’s strength and resilience. Showcasing the different cultural endowments of some of the major ethnic groups in the country, the band displayed great variety and wealth embedded in the different physical cultures of the Nigerian society.
At the end of the contest, the Passion4 band came tops in the senior catergory as “Band of the year” carting the way the whooping prize of N10 milion Niara while Seagull Band and Master Blaster Band that came second and third,winning N5 million and N3 million respectively.


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