About Calabar Beckons

The Calabar Beckons project is a tourism marketing initiative working to promote the tourism potentials of Cross River State, Nigeria viz-a viz curbing youth unemployment through empowering young people with employability skills to become active participants in the tourism sector thereby creating an enabling environment for the development and sustenance of youth entrepreneurship.

Calabar, the capital of Cross River State prides itself as Nigeria’s No. 1 destination! It is very historic as it once served as the Capital of the Southern protectorate Nigeria, It offers visitors a safe and relaxing atmosphere away from the commotion and congestion of the Nigeria’s big cities. The state is also blessed with mineral resources like: oil and gas; clay; salt; lime stone; kaolin, barite, and quartzite.

It has several tourist attractions like the Marina Resort,  the Obudu Ranch Resort, the Drill Ranch, the Kwa falls, the Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary, Cross River National Park, the Refome Lake, as well as TINAPA- Africa’s premier business resort. Calabar also hosts millions of tourists in the annual Calabar Christmas Festival culminating in the Carnival Calabar-Africa’s Biggest Street Party!

The CB project is operated by Verge Development Solutions and is part of the Naija Beckons project, a national tourism initiative that seeks to rebrand Nigeria as a not just a tourist haven but a “virgin” for investors!

…experience nature…explores opportunities…Calabar Beckons!!!

For Inquiries/Further Details: Contact Esther Eshiet (Chief  Executive Officer) and Leke Obadimu (Business Development Advisor)

Via: calabarbeckons@yahoo.com

  1. Leke says:

    The experience of staying in a city like calabar thus reaffirms immense tourism employment and investment opportunities a country like Nigeria affords. I invite you to plan to visit and do business in this lovely city of calabar… Leisure or Business…Welcome Home.
    I have experienced it and i am still experienceing possibilities.
    Calabar Beckons

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